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7d660eba28252014746b5b96b6d5bc7c.jpg.gifHello again, friends! Having failed to post here for a very long time (February 2015), I have decided to shake off the dust and scrape away the cobwebs that have accumulated on All Things White Sox and blog about my favorite baseball team.

There are many reasons for my having seemingly abandoned this site for so long, one of which would be the very dismal and pointless 2015 baseball season for the White Sox, which was supposed to be a vast improvement over the very dismal and pointless 2014 baseball season!  That didn’t work out so well, and, thankfully, fall and winter arrived and I had the Blackhawks adventures to winning the Stanley Cup to enjoy and carry me through.

Primarily, though, my lack of attention here is a result of devoting my blogging efforts to Down Many Roads. But I’ve missed writing about baseball, and hope that there will be some readers (Sox fans or not) who will jump aboard—again, or for the first time—and share some thoughts and memories about the experiences of being a White Sox fan.


Minnie Minoso (Wikipedia)

Minnie Minoso and Billy Pierce left us last year, and Eddie Einhorn recently. To say that there are many, many memories to share here about each would be a vast understatement. Stay tuned.


Eddie Einhorn (wsbt.com)


Billy Pierce  (Wikipedia)

My goal right now is to post once a week, and I look forward to hearing about others’ experiences as well.

My feeling is that it’s long overdue to get this started again, so let’s do just that!

Until next time…