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Alternate logo, introduced in 1990

Alternate logo, introduced in 1990 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been exactly two months since my last post here on All Things White Sox, and I am going to be doing everything but completely abandoning this blog for a while. Trying to manage two blogs and give them each the effort they are due has become way too difficult.

The new season has been interesting, and there are many bright spots for this year’s team. There are also some glaring weak spots that have to be taken care of very soon. And though I would love to be able to spend time a few days a week with this blog dedicated to the adventures of my favorite team, I’m unable to do so.

I will be posting now and then and, if the Sox fortunes should turn in miraculous circles down the road, I’ll find more to write about. Of course, there’s always the fun history to deal with, and I will never be too far away from the memories I have stored in my White Sox “archive” of a mind.

Most of this summer, up at the cottage in Michigan, I’ll be working on my next book and several short stories that I want to publish by fall. So to anyone stopping by here in the next few months: Thank you, and don’t give up the ship just yet! I’ll never be too far away from All Things White Sox.

Until next time…See you at the ballpark!

Chicago White Sox Baseball

Chicago White Sox Baseball (Photo credit: Kwong Yee Cheng)

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