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Alternate logo, introduced in 1990

Alternate logo, introduced in 1990 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, where were we?

When I last posted in late September, after the dismal baseball season mercifully came to a blessed end, I was not a happy person in regards to all things White Sox. In fact, I couldn’t even become inspired to post anything about the memorable players and incidents from the past and voluntarily put myself on hiatus from this blog.

I am happy to report, though, that I have not leapt from any ledges or other dangerous precipices and have actually begun to look forward to those warm days of spring training when hope is in the air and the talk of a winning season is abundant and uttered by fellow fans near and far! I don’t really have any reason to think that the 2014 campaign will be any better other than it really can’t be any worse! 

As I understand things, GM Rick Hahn is attempting to be active in making some deals to fill some holes that really need filling. The other day the Sox traded for a center fielder /lead-off man named Adam Eaton. He comes from the Diamondbacks with pretty good credentials. In exchange, the Sox sent them pitcher Hector Santiago.

I kind of hate to see Santiago go, but, on paper, the deal seems to be something that will bolster the Sox’ outfield defense and provide them a solid hitter at the top of the order. Both of these areas are critically in need of improvement!  As always, we shall see how this works out. But it’s a start, anyway, for the long, long climb back to being a decent and fun team to watch and follow night after night.

I also get the feeling that Rick Hahn might not be finished, either. And having Paul Konerko signed back for one more season is a good thing, too. A good, hard-working guy that he is, Paulie deserves to finish his career as a White Sox player. The Sox fans deserve it as well. 

Now, it’s time to wait out the cold and snow and imagine what a new season might be like and never again think about what 2013 served up. Is it beyond the realm of human understanding to think that the Sox could climb from the lowly depths of last season and be a legitimate contender in 2014? That would be a wonderful Christmas present!

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sox fans everywhere!

English: The Chicago White Sox World Series Ch...

English: The Chicago White Sox World Series Championship trophy, on display at U.S. Cellular Field during the 2006 season. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)