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Dear fellow White Sox fans who read this blog: September has found our team playing out the string, and we can take whatever we want from all of this, depending upon our state of mind as we scan back over this debacle of a season. Are we angry? Frustrated? Hopeful? Disappointed? (Add your own adjective to whatever suits your present state of mind.)

I happen to believe that there’s room for each of these words to describe this waning Sox season. That said, there’s really no need to spend time writing glowing things about some of the promising youth that got shoved into playing at the Major League level this season–out of necessity.

Suffice it to say that a true Sox fan need not jump off any ledges because there isn’t

English: Chicago White Sox Insignia

English: Chicago White Sox Insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

much hope for the future. Instead, there’s much to be positive about. But, only time will flesh all of that out. Spring Training next year should be interesting, and I hope that the Sox will approach it with an attitude better than what they historically have done. I think stressing winning at all times should be the mark of a team, and not just to go through the motions. But, there again, we shall see.

I have been quite lax in keeping this blog up to date throughout the summer, and other than an occasional post regarding past teams, players, fans, and announcers, I will step away from it until next spring when I think I’ll have the anger, frustration, and disappointment washed from my system! I welcome any comments and thoughts from other long-time Sox fans who felt let down this season. What do you think?

See you at the ballpark…