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English: Chicago White Sox Insignia

English: Chicago White Sox Insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, I’ve avoided writing about the White Sox’ current slide into the abyss this first week of June. And I really don’t have much to say about this current conglomerate that poses as a major league team, other than they broke their 8-game losing streak in a marathon sixteen inning affair with the Seattle Mariners.

Usually, this would be cause for celebration, especially since the Sox broke a scoreless tie with five runs in the top of the 14th inning. But as only White Sox teams seem to do, they couldn’t hold that lead in the bottom half of the inning, allowing a tying grand slam! I’ve seen this kind of thing—time and again—and, quite frankly, I’ve had my fill of it!

In the past, I’ve ridden it out and felt lousy for a few days and become excited all over again once the team would tend to right itself and put some wins together and get back in the race. But at this writing, they’ve fallen to eight games out of first in a division in which they should be much better, and I have no real desire to put up with their lack of hitting, poor defense, and overall malaise any longer.

I have way too many writing projects in which to invest my time this summer (my second novel is in the revision stage right now). I have decided that worrying about, and trying to find something positive of which to write in this blog on a regular basis, is a study in futility. Thus, I’m going to step away from All Things White Sox and post the occasional thought regarding teams of seasons gone by. But until this current version of the Chicago White Sox displays some heart, life, and passion, I will not be paying any attention to them, much less spending time expounding upon them in this blog.

After writing all of this, it might sound as though I’m finished with the organization that is the Chicago White Sox. Not so. I’m not done as a White Sox fan. I’ll always be one.   There is no other team I’ll ever truly root for and follow, heart and soul, day in and day out. But I’ve decided that the players out there who are posing as major leaguers in Sox uniforms aren’t worth any more of my attention at this point. The nights and days of feeling bad after a tough loss are over! It’s time for me to get away from the travesty that is this baseball season on the South Side so far this summer.

There’s an old saying in baseball to the effect that “it’s early, yet.” OK, so it is. It’s June…Now do something!

See you at the ballpark!

US Cellular (New Comiskey) Field

US Cellular (New Comiskey) Field (Photo credit: andyrusch)