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English: Fielder Jones of the White Sox hits t...

English: Fielder Jones of the White Sox hits the ball against Cubs at West Side Grounds, 1905 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In my last post, I was a bit annoyed by a message I’d received from a “friend” on Facebook, regarding his disgust in reading all of my posts about the White Sox, blah, blah, blah. And I spent the better part of a beautiful afternoon creating that post that explained how I was feeling at the time and said that my next post would expound even further about why the issues broached by him–and so many others from time to time–get under my skin.


Since a few weeks have passed, I’ve decided that I really don’t care to post the scathing stuff I wrote for that post because I fully believe that it really would make no difference in changing anyone’s way of looking at things about the White Sox vs. Cubs and all that goes into that discussion. Is it simply “beating a dead horse?” I think it is, and, thus, will let it all go for now. Call me older–wiser?–or whatever, but I’m just not up for rehashing the whole argument over and over. And I really don’t care whether or not anyone sees it my way or not. I’m not, after all, attempting to convert anyone through what I post in this blog.


And right now, I have far more issues with the White Sox than their status in the Sox-Cubs endless fight! When you’re in the cellar of a division that shouldn’t be all that tough, there are way too many issues with which to deal. So no more “dead horses” to pound on here!


See you at the ballpark…


1917 Chicago Cubs & White Sox Advertising Sign

1917 Chicago Cubs & White Sox Advertising Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)