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Tigers! (Photo credit: PinkMoose)

It’s a glorious Monday afternoon here in eastern Michigan! Lots of sunshine, blue skies, and visibility of at least a mile—probably more. Sitting inside and looking out, one would certainly have the impression that the weather has finally come around to matching up with what the calendar says about it being spring and all (notwithstanding, the little patches of snow, here and there, that really tell the tale: It’s still very cold out there!)

I write this from our daughter’s and son-in-law’s home near Grand Blanc—over here in the land of the Tigers…Detroit, that is. And, as it is around home in northern Illinois, there’s really not too much of a buzz going on yet regarding the rapidly approaching start to another new baseball season. True, there have been numerous columns and articles written by all of the “experts” regarding the prospects for the season, yet there doesn’t seem to be that air of anticipation hanging thick in the air. Even during the few broadcasts of spring training games I’ve watched, there is a marked lack of overall excitement at hand. Maybe it’s just me….

…Or, maybe it’s just the relentlessness of this bone-chilling winter weather that simply refuses to release its grasp on us all. It is, indeed, hard to get ultra fired-up for the game of summer when one must continually shiver when stepping outside for any length of time. I feel pretty certain, though, that once the warmth and the smells and the sounds of spring finally make their annual appearance, and we bid farewell to this life in the deep freeze, enthusiasm for our favorite team will rise to the surface rather quickly.

I happened to catch a rare White Sox spring training night game televised the other night when they played the Dodgers in the warmth and comfort of Camelback Ranch in

English: Chicago White Sox Insignia

English: Chicago White Sox Insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

front of a sellout crowd. Watching from so many frigid miles distant, I could see how much the fans were enjoying the fun of being at the ballpark on a beautiful Arizona night. I’m counting the days until it will be the same around these parts. Until then, though, we shiver and battle the heavy jackets and gloves and stocking caps then rush inside where it’s warm, as quickly as possible. Can baseball season get here quickly? Please!


See you at the ballpark…