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Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was hoping to take the opportunity during the intense and strategy-filled games of this year’s World Series to share more memories of seasons past and White Sox lore, but it was all over, it seemed, before it ever got started! In fact, it never really started at all for the Detroit Tigers. I suppose, as a White Sox fan, that I should be happy and say, “It serves ’em right!”

But I actually feel a little sad today after they battled along all season, the “experts'” favorites from the beginning, and then to have it all end so quickly and quietly. And but for several wasted opportunities late in the season, that very easily could have been the White Sox taking on the Giants instead of the Tigers.

But it has been proven, time and again, that baseball is most definitely a fickle game. A team can go on a torrid streak, unable to do the least thing poorly, and then lose it just as fast. Anyone who watched even a small portion of the games saw just how the Tigers demonstrated that. True, their quick dispatch of the Yankees, coupled with the Giants taking their playoff championship series right down to the final game, allowed a long layoff before the Series started. That has some credence, but not much.

For most of the year we heard about how resilient and dynamic the Tigers were in all phases of their game. They were good and were always finding every which way imaginable to win games. After all, they had the Triple Crown winner in Miguel Cabrera and the game’s best pitcher in Justin Verlander. But when it really mattered (read World Series!), they slumbered and slumped just like the White Sox did when they had many opportunities to regain first place and win the division.

The whole tone of the Series was best demonstrated on the final out of Game 4 with Cabrera taking a called-third strike. Quite a way to send the visiting Giants into a state of celebratory delirium! Now that it’s “officially” Hot Stove time, I can’t wait for spring training and the White Sox knowing that those Tigers ain’t so fierce after all.

English: Chicago White Sox Insignia

English: Chicago White Sox Insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


See you at the ballpark!