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English: Game action at Comiskey Park, Chicago...

English: Game action at Comiskey Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nail biting my way through another bottom of the ninth inning the other night, as the Sox managed to hold off Kansas City (Kansas City again!) for a much-needed victory, I flashed back many years ago to a game where the fans witnessed a blown save, (I believe Skip Pitlock was the culprit on the mound for the Sox). And in one massive effort that looked as though it had been pre-planned, the large Comiskey Park crowd on Seat Cushion Night showered the entire field with those White Sox seat cushions. Of course, not wanting to part with my own, I remain firmly seated, refusing to send mine sailing off into the night skies.

For many years, that seat cushion hung in my garage and always was a reminder of those many give-aways that owner Bill Veeck made so famous. As a kid, I always loved Bat Day, Helmet Day, and Ball Day. As an older fan, though, you couldn’t beat Seat Cushion Night or, even better, Beer Mug Night. I still have a few of these, and I especially enjoy the one from the early ’70s, when Falstaff was the sponsor. Often, in times of complete nostalgic abandonment, I’ll take the mug down from its spot in the cupboard, fill it with some cold brew (not Falstaff, ’cause they don’t brew it anymore!), and think back to those wonderful promotional give-away days/nights at dear, old Comiskey! And if I still had my seat cushion from that long-ago night, I’d give it a ceremonial toss-frisbee like–just for old time’s sake…

See you at the ballpark!