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I’m starting this blog about the Chicago White Sox, my favorite baseball team, to try to make sense out of all the summers I’ve sweated, fretted, tossed, turned, laughed, and cheered. And I have come to the conclusion that I need a place where I can write about the memories I have of Sox teams, players, ball park moments, trivia, and the broadcasters that have been an important part of my life. And if the title of this first post sounds a bit like Andy the Clown, that’s exactly the intent. Serious readers of this blog will have no trouble recalling the voice of Andy, he with the nose that would light up!

Ever since I got hooked on the Sox in the late ‘50s, my summers have been filled with White Sox baseball. For many of those seasons, I lived a great distance from Chicago and had to follow the Sox most nights by listening “through the static” on stations such as WCFL and later WMAQ which became 670 the Score.

This summer they’re once again teasing and taunting me this late (August) in the season by hanging onto first place. And regardless of how the season turns out, there are so many things I wish to share, and I need to write about what it is that has continued to hook me summer after summer, for better or worse.

As this blog moves forward, I hope that there will be some sharing of memories of all things White Sox by other Sox fans. I’m happy to have readers along for the ride. Please share your thoughts and ideas. Go Sox!